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So, you're interested in this game called Rune, but you don't know what to expect? Investigate our Rune Info database below!

 The Combat System In Rune
The combat system in Rune was designed to keep the control scheme simple enough for the average game player to easily learn the basics of combat, while still maintaining enough complexity to satisfy the advanced player. The design process for the combat system underwent many iterations and tests to get a system that is both fun for the casual player, but challenging for the hard-core player who is looking for more than just button mashing.

Combat will be accomplished by a simple two-key system for your Direct Input Device such as a mouse, joystick or joypad. The first key will be the attack key, while the second key will be reserved for defense. To further refine this system so that it becomes more than a simple series of button presses, the combat system is further enhanced by what we term context sensitive attacks. Essentially, this is the ability for the player to change the type of attack based upon the current motion of Ragnar, the main character. How Ragnar moves will affect what attack he executes.

For example, attacking while the character is running forward will cause Ragnar to execute a very aggressive slashing move. Attacking while Ragnar is walking backwards, however, will cause a defensive attach such as an upward swipe. In addition to Ragnar's movement, skilled players can use timing to create a more complex, or combination attack. Pushing the button a second time during a short window of opportunity during an attack can cause further attack (double-strike). Particularly skillful players will be able to time a string of attacks to create a triple or even quadruple combination strike.

If players simply smash the attack button repetitively, they will find that they are only able to conduct a series of single, non-combination attacks that perform far less damage than a full on combination attack. This will keep multiplayer action interesting and challenging.

 The Weapons In Rune
To keep combat fresh throughout the game, each weapon will have unique attributes (for instance: damage inflicted, speed of the attack, and unique animations). Smaller weapons, due to their size and relative lightness will have more possible combination attacks, while larger and heavier weapons will have less possible combinations.

As the game progresses, Ragnar will obtain many new weapons, each giving him cooler and more interesting attacks. These new attacks are not purely cosmetic as the style of attack will prove advantageous in certain situations. For instance, some weapons will be much more effective in dispatching certain creatures, or may be more effective in certain situations. A weapon with a high blowback factor will be useful in fights against large groups of enemies, while a weapon with a high hack factor will be more effective against an armored opponent.

[Swords | Axes | Hammers]

 The Runes In Rune
Each weapon will also have its own specific Rune power, which radically affects the usage of the weapon for a limited duration and provide a boost to the attack and defense. The power for each weapon is unique and range from such things as a vampiric mace (which sucks health from the enemy with each successful strike) to a weapon that causes a force blast around the players, knocking any nearby creatures away.

 The Shields In Rune
The game isn't all attacks, however, as players will be able to find and make use of shields to provide some measure of defense in combat. Use your shield to block an opponent's strike by lifting your shield arm and turning to block the attack. Shields wear down, however, so you will need to replace them regularly if you wish to survive. Luckily, your opponents are a great source of new equipment.

 The Inventory System In Rune
In Rune you will be able to take weapons and shields from opponents defeated in battle, as well as find them placed throughout the game. Rune's dual inventory system, with three weapons placed visually at the ready, and additional weapons stowed, allows you to quickly select the weapon you want to use.

With more than 18 base weapons divided between three weapon categories (bashing Weapons, Swords and Axes), multiple rune effects and special weapons that player's gain access to late in the game, Rune will feature an amazing array of diverse combinations and over 400 combat specific animations.

 The Bloodlust In Rune
The Rune combat system also features a bloodlust system. As a Viking warrior, Ragnar will develop a measure of bloodlust as he fights his way past his many and varied opponents. For each kill, this bloodlust will rise until he finally goes berserk, essentially becoming a killing machine that mows down his opponents for a short period until his bloodlust subsides.

 In Summary…
Each of these aspects of the Rune combat system create an experience that is very simple to sit down and pick up within minutes, while at the same time providing a wealth of complexity and interest for the experienced player that will take time and practice to master.
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